Who are we?

EURO-GRAPH asbl is the European Association of Graphic Paper Producers, which represents the industry sectors of Europe's newsprint, magazine and fine paper grades.

EURO-GRAPH is a legally and financially independent association based in Brussels, Belgium.

EURO-GRAPH is a non-profit making organisation funded by its members.

EURO-GRAPH members are manufacturers of newsprint, magazine and fine paper grades in Europe.

EURO-GRAPH membership currently includes 22 companies operating more than 60 paper mills and over 100 paper machines in 16 European countries.

EURO-GRAPH is an affiliated member of the Pulp and Paper Products Council (PPPC) based in Montreal, Canada. PPPC is an alliance of product associations serving an international membership in the pulp and paper industry.


EURO-GRAPH is, and aims to remain, the best-in-class (graphic) paper industry association providing continuously improved services to its members.


EURO-GRAPH helps its members to conduct and improve their business, acting in compliance with national and international competition legislation, by:

  • Providing high quality statistical analysis.
  • Giving information and advice on relevant industry-related sustainability issues.
  • Promoting the image, efficiency and sustainability of our products and our industry.
  • Coordinating an information exchange on trade issues, supply chain, digital transformation and any other relevant industry-related topic.
  • Coordinating its activities and collaborating with other international organisations within the paper industry.


EURO-GRAPH acts as an independent organisation in the interests of its member companies, respecting confidentiality and privacy issues while maintaining open and transparent communication, conducting business in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible manner.


EURO-GRAPH asbl was formed on 1st January 2012 through the merger of CEPIPRINT (Association of European Publication Paper Producers) and CEPIFINE (European Association of Fine Paper Producers). Its offices are located in Brussels, Belgium, at the same address as many other industry associations including CEPI, FEFCO, ACE, Paper Impact and Print Power.

CEPIPRINT was the main Association for publication paper producers in Europe in 1990-2011. Its offices used to be in Zurich, Switzerland, until it moved to Brussels at the beginning of 2002.

Prior to this there were separate associations representing the newsprint and the magazine paper sectors in the Nordic countries and in continental Europe. The origin of the association date back to 1936.

CEPIFINE was the main Association for European coated and uncoated fine paper producers in 1990-2011.

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