Papers products

Graphic papers products are all around you and can be found in almost any home, office or business. These include a very wide variety of paper products for uses such as newspapers, inserts, supplements, A4 copy paper and printer paper, book paper, envelopes, forms, writing pads, high-quality magazines and brochures, company magazines, catalogues and annual reports. These papers make an important contribution to society whether it be for literature, historical records, business, pleasure or any number of other purposes

Woodfree Papers

Fine papers are printing and writing papers, which are made of chemical pulp and may also contain recycled fibers. They consist of two different kinds of papers, coated woodfree (CWF) and uncoated woodfree (UWF) grades. CWF grades use UWF (jumbo) reels as the base material, upon which one or more thin mineral coatings are added to smooth the surface and improve printability.

UWF and CWF papers can be further divided into different sub-grades depending on whether the paper is cut into sheets or used in reels. UWF papers include 3 sub-grades: cut-sizes (A3 or smaller, including A4), folio sheets (larger than A3) and reels (rolls). CWF papers are composed of 2 sub-grades: sheets and reels.


Newsprint is an uncoated paper that is mainly used for printing newspapers. In the past, it has been made largely from mechanical pulp. But today, an increasing amount of recovered paper, mainly old newspapers (ONP) and old magazines (OMG), also goes into the production. The weight of a sheet of newsprint usually ranges from 40 g/m² to 52 g/m², but can be as high as 65 g/m². Newsprint is white or slightly coloured (eg, Financial Times), and is supplied in reels for rotogravure, offset or flexo printing.

Uncoated Mechanical Improved

Uncoated Mechanical Improved (UMI) contains different grades of machine-finished paper of a higher brightness than is included in Newsprint. The basic furnish is the same as for newsprint and the basis weight starts at 40 g/m². The grade is split into two sub-categories based on brightness – high-bright and super-bright.

Uncoated Mechanical Others

Uncoated Mechanical Others (UMO) covers a wide a range of publication paper grades that are not already included in the other main paper groups listed above. The grade includes directory paper, thin printing grades and book paper. The basic furnish is the same as for newsprint, but the basis weight starts at 28 g/m².

Supercalendered Magazine Paper

Supercalendered Magazine Paper (SC) is primarily used for the publication of consumer magazines, catalogues and advertising material using rotogravure, offset or letterpress printing. It is made from mechanical pulp with a large content of mineral filler. This grade is split into sub-categories based on brightness: SC-A+, SC-A, SC-B.

Coated Mechanical Reels

Coated Mechanical Reels (CMR) is split into two sub-categories – Lightweight Coated (LWC) and Medium Weight Coated (MWC). These papers can have either a glossy or matt finish, and are used mostly for catalogues, magazines and advertising material using rotogravure or offset printing. They are made from a blend of chemical and mechanical pulp with a content of fillers and are mineral coated on both sides, either on or off machine. LWC has a basis weight of up to 72 g/m² and anything above 72 g/m² is classed as either MWC or Heavy Weight Coated (HWC).